Friday, February 18, 2011

Installing Ruby support in NetBeans 7.0 Beta 2

NetBeans 7.0 Beta 2 is the first release where Ruby and Rails support does not show up as an available plugin choice. Until we have our first community release, you can follow these steps to update your plugins list so you can still add Ruby support to NB 7 Beta 2:

  1. Click Tools -> Plugins
  2. Click on 'Settings' tab
  3. Click on 'Add' button to get Update Center Customizer popup
  4. Set name to 'Beta 1'
  5. Set URL: to ''
  6. Press 'OK'
  7. Click to 'Available Plugins'
  8. Click 'Reload Catalog'
  9. Choose 'Ruby and Rails'
  10. Pat yourself on the back
It appears that adding the first beta's stable catalog does not confuse the 2nd beta's list. With any luck we will have a community release which is easier to install by the time NetBeans reaches 7.0 final.


  1. Thanks, it worked, hopefully you'll be able to release the community version on time

  2. thanx :)
    I love NetBeans & Rails
    謝謝你們,加油 :)

  3. Netbeans 7.0 has been released. For now, this is still the only method I can find for installing Ruby support in Netbeans. Another big dissapointment is the Scss Editor plugin seems to be missing from Netbeans also (although maybe scss support is baked right in to Netbeans now, I didn't check).

  4. You can get the scss editor for 7.0 here:

  5. This is doesn't work for me in net-beans 7 :( it didn't show that plug-in

  6. This is doesn't work for me in net-beans 7

  7. oooooooouch no funciona alguna idea

    ouuuuuuuuch dont work

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