Monday, May 2, 2011

Installing Ruby support on Netbeans 7.0

This is a quick entry (with pictures!!!) on installing Ruby and Rails support on Netbeans 7.0. As you will see it is very easy to do if you have ever installed a plugin beyond your initial Netbeans install.

So you startup your freshly installed Netbeans and you see this:

At this point you want to select Tools -> Plugins:

This will pop up the plugins manager in Netbeans. Click on the ‘Available Plugins’ tab and click check box for ‘Ruby and Rails’. Then hit ‘Install’ button at bottom of manager:

Now you need to click through the install process. Click Next:
Click ‘Continue’ (The certificates are all self-signed and unfortunately you get this message, but it is ok):

After this you select ‘Finish’ and then you need to restart Netbeans:
At this point you can pat yourself on the now have Ruby and Rails support in Netbeans 7.0.

It should also be fairly obvious that you this entry walks you how to install any plugin (*hint* *hint* - like the git plugin) in Netbeans. Enjoy!


  1. I was really happy to read your entire blog!! Please keep them coming!!

  2. this doesn't work for me on net-beans 7 on windows 7 :(

  3. Great jobs ! But support ror 3 & r1.9 or not yet ?

  4. So will you guys continue to work on support for NetBeans? I find it to be an editor I really like and am comfortable with (not so much with Eclipse). Ruby and Python both seem to be dead for NB as far as Oracle is concerned, but I definitely hope members of the community contiune to step up as you have and keep those projects alive somewhere.

  5. Thanks for the post, Tom. I'm running 6.9.1 for RoR development.

    Would I notice any improvement on RoR 3 support by going to NB7 + Ruby plugin? Is it worth it as of today?

  6. I agree with Nirmal re: that there is no support for Ruby in NetBeans 7.1. Do you think it'd help to try an older version if I can find one?

  7. After installing . When i Click the netbeans icon . they say some instance of the program is missing and to check whether home/.netbeans/7.0 is writable . but i checked and no such folder is there !

  8. Are there plans to port to 7.1 Beta?

  9. I checked out NB 7.0.1 out of curiosity, I moved to other editors after 7.0 dropped ruby support. I've only been playing around with it a few minutes, but it looks great so far. Thank you for doing this. I may have to migrate back to NB soon :)

  10. Is there any progress on Ruby support for Netbeans? I would love to see Ruby 1.9 syntax

  11. I recently used Netbeans with your ruby plugin, it was just amazing. I would say best ruby IDE...
    Do you have any plans to make it available for Eclipse....

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